Content is used for the company brand in order to attract candidates.
Candidates want to have news and to be more aware of what’s going on in the company.

Content can also be used for social ads vacancies !
The important is to build brand awareness
This is also useful for a recruitment agency, which tipically recruits for other brands but needs to promote itself to candidates.

Fact: you can cut the cost of recruiting by 5 times when you engage them more with your brand

Using visual content helps sharing a message.
Video is actually a good media to show your brand, you can add imagination and inspiration.
But is video enough or do we need other tools to create content?
Put together candidates and organizations and allow them to ask questions to each other online : this is what really matters.
Content is created by emulating a transparent interaction

Content is related to the kind of candidates you are looking to attract so you have to go where candidates are : blogs, social medias, communities…
If people like your content, then they’ll be there when you post a job.

Who should be in charge of creating content for your company: Marketing or HR ?
You need a good mix of people to give their insights and expertise.
Content needs to be reflected, so adding an external party can bring great value as well.

Start small, step by step, but always forward!
Your first action must be to listen to the candidates you want to attract, and locate them.
Do you want to create your own hub or to join their existing communities ?

What about small companies ? They need to communicate a lot on what they do. When you are online, anybody with relevant content can get high-profile and play toe to toe with big companies.

Events are still a really good way to attract people. Advertising online can also help in bringing the information to the candidates

Always stay connected to your business objectives: What recruitment operations can you sustain ? What suits your long-term strategy ?
You need to be able to prove results, even if they’re small, in order to gain the top management’s approval and going forward.

Likes and followers are a KPI, but you need to transform them into business leads, active applications…

My take: If your content is good, if it is related and of interest to the candidates you want to target, then you’ll need less effort to promote then, and doing so, your employer branding efforts will generate a best ROI in terms of applications.

If you weren’t there or if you want to give your opinion on this matter, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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