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As stated in the March #PlanetRecruitment Monthly edition, we’ll go in full English from now on.

A lot happened in the past weeks, and not just on the @rmstouch planet!
Although we did launched the #rmslunch project, an innovative & fun onboarding coaching and a thrilling HR digitalization game…and it’s just the beginning!
But let’s not spoil too much.

I offer you to discover here my selection of the best and most innovative HR/ recruitment/ employer branding/ sourcing ideas the Web had to offer in April.
And all we can say is that Big Data, Prospective & AI are prior topics this month.

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Candidate Experience

Employer Branding

Innovation & Prospective

Funky Friday



Onboarding is a serious ongoing matter, what are you doing about it ?

[contentcards url= »http://www.hr-insights.top-employers.com/blog/6-ways-that-on-boarding-is-evolving » target= »_blank »]

Going social is key…and complicated ?

Social recruiting isn’t a trick. It’s a strategy to build and grow an engaged audience by being an engaged audience member. Here’s how.

Recruiting News and Views @ Recruiting Daily Recruiting News and Views @ Recruiting Daily



Sourcing goes beyond searching tools, let’s be strategic!

Hubspot define personas as “fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns of your ideal customers”. So how do you define ‘candidate’ personas?

Developing candidate personas allows recruiters to identify core segments and tailor content to match. But how does a recruiter go about this process?

Social Talent Social Talent

Sourcing works both ways!

[contentcards url= »http://www.talentculture.com/the-nature-vs-nurture-of-sourcing/ » target= »_blank »]

A quick recap on sourcing effective practices

[contentcards url= »http://www.careersunbound.com/best-kept-secrets-sourcing-pros-know/ » target= »_blank »]


Let’s talk about recruiter’s experience for once (and you might not enjoy it)

The questions to ask a potential tech employer…

GitLab GitLab

Gender equality is on the way…but there’s way to go…

[contentcards url= »https://hbr.org/2016/04/if-theres-only-one-woman-in-your-candidate-pool-theres-statistically-no-chance-shell-be-hired » target= »_blank »]


Marketing is key in your recruitment process in 2016

[contentcards url= »https://www.hrbartender.com/2016/recruiting/recruitment-marketing-hiring-strategy/ » target= »_blank »]

Your employer reputation costs you more than candidates

[contentcards url= »http://www.fastcompany.com/3058571/the-future-of-work/how-your-companys-lame-hiring-process-is-losing-you-customers » target= »_blank »]


How long can you still ignore how big is data in recruiting ?

[contentcards url= »http://www.talentculture.com/big-data-now-an-integral-part-of-talent-recruiting » target= »_blank »]

The future of recruiting tools

[contentcards url= »https://www.recruiter.com/i/the-next-big-thing-in-recruiting-tech-6-expert-predictions/ » target= »_blank »]

The future of recruiters

When I studied Artificial Intelligence in the 90s, its manifestation in real life was confined to clunky machines playing chess and robots slowly navigating their way around a maze.Ideas such as singularity – where machines become capable of recurring self-improvement, their intelligence surpassing our own intelligence and all current human control or understanding…

Linkedin Pulse

The future of employment

[contentcards url= »https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au/articles/will-a-robot-take-your-job » target= »_blank »]


Come on ! The worst recruiting process EVER

[contentcards url= »http://www.recruitmentgrapevine.com/article/2016-04-05-is-a-30-hour-job-interview-too-long » target= »_blank »]

Is this great or just weird ?

[contentcards url= »http://www.recruitmentgrapevine.com/article/2016-03-23-social-experiment-used-to-recruit-the-right-people » target= »_blank »]


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