Hello everyone!
First of all, I wish you a wonderful and sparkling new year 🙂
With all the personal and professional happiness & enjoyment you may ever dream of.

2017 is here with plenty of news and excitement on the recruitment, sourcing and employer branding planet.
New projects, new hopes, news challenges too : let’s see how well we started this new year!




Sourcing From Home Isn’t As Lonely As You Thought

If that could only help to promote partial remote work – I say YES!
By Ashley Stevens


4 Tips For Writing Emails That Candidates Want to Respond To

Simple tricks to improve your overall candidate approach. By Annalena Morris


Intelligent Searching and Matching

Sourcing tips from the great BooleanStrings!




How EY got their Graduate Recruitment Programme so right

 Recruiting graduates is always sort of a struggle, let’s find out about companies which does it right by Siofra Pratt

Busting 7 ridiculous social media myths

This could get you on the right foot for a whole new year of social recruitment… on Social Hire


What Recruitment Marketing Is & Why It Matters

A little recap on basics never hurts! by Steven Duque




Employer Branding: 10 Reasons Your Growth Depends On It

An interesting infographic by BetterTeam


Top 17 for 2017: Employer Brand Trailblazers

17 Twitter accounts to follow in 2017 to remain on top of #EmployerBranding trends by Maura McElhone




AI Knows Who You Should Hire

AI makes exponential progress into the recruitment industry… by Steeve Goodman


How big data can eliminate bias and elitism in candidate selection

A must-read by Charles Hipps


How instant messaging and chatbots are transforming student recruitment

Yep they’re coming! Here’s how and why by Patrick Quinn

Well, that’s a great take off for the new 2017!

We’ll be back next month with more to come and some great insights on the evolution, trends and best practices of the recruitment, sourcing and employer branding planet.

I wish you a great weekend for now 😉


Crédits photos : Pixabay, Librestock, Shutterstock, Pexels

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