Planet Recruitment Monthly – November 2016
Par : Sophie Guenat

Bonjour Recruitment fellows!
This month’s global press review will take you to different sources and blogs for your personal knowledge of the Planet Recruitment.

As usual, we’ll talk about Sourcing with practical hands-on techniques as well as Employer Branding ideas, Social Recruitment tips and practices & Innovation.
As we approach the end of 2016, let’s see what perspectives 2017 is offering.
But also, let’s recap the trends we’ve been observing in the overall recruiting industry.



A little recap on innovation in Recruitment

Let’s remember the history and evolution of practices and services in the recruiting field. And the newcomers!
By Michael Overell


Take your LinkedIn Recruiter to the next level

Find out about all the new and exciting features on LinkedIn Recruiter.
By Siofra Pratt


The Art Of Building A Google Custom Search Engine

2 articles to master our beloved Google CSE by Greg Hawkes
Part 1Part 2




15 Social Recruitment tips to attract the best talents

Find out more on this infographic by Adam Seabrook


Pimp your Facebook ads!

A Step-by-step Guide for recruiters by Katrina Collier




3 Ways to Include Your Employees in Employer Branding

3 concrete examples on companies who chose that strategy and how. By 


6 Points to Consider for Your 2017 Employer Branding Strategy

Happy New Employer Branding Year! by Mike Roberts




Robot talk : What talent acquisition experts have to say about AI

An inspiring overview by Jonathan Kestenbaum


Big Data and Algorithms Need Our Moral Compass. Here’s Why.

A little ethics by Hanneke Siebelink

I wish you all a great December unitl our next Planet Recruitment Monthly with our yearly 2016 best-of!
Take care,


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