Good morning everyone!
Yeah it’s been a while since our last edition… Summer, holidays, september-back-to-work, #rmsconf and… Sourcing Summit Europe!

As promised, a little delayed – I agree, I wanted to dedicate this monthly review to the speakers and the topics discussed that made this Sourcing Summit Europe 2016 edition such a great success.

We’ll surely go back next year, with still a great program in sight!

So let’s find out what and whom it is all about…
As you might easily guess, for once we’ll really focus on Sourcing with the best blogs you could possibly follow for thoughtful insights on the subject. #TimeToLearnMore


THE SPEAKERS (well, some of them…choices had to be made!)


Glen Cathey – Inspiring & pragmatic

Let’s find out about his great blog Boolean Black Belt
A differenciating approach to sourcing, Glen shared his vision of candidate engagement through genuine interest & social engineering.


Irina Shamaeva – The Sourcing Queen

How can you not know Irina and her unmissable blog Boolean Strings
She gave us great hacks on Google search and CSOs for modern recruiters.


Johnny Campbell – Clearly cheerful

Get Johnny’s insights, tips and positive spirit on Social Talent


Jim Stroud – Recruiting with fun!

Jim is awesomely crazy – a must follow 😉
The future of Sourcing (and time traveling!) has no secrets to him, and now to us too.


Guillaume Alexandre – The French Touch

And he’s such a nice guy! Mr Sourcing is the person to be met 🙂
Thank you Guillaume for your experiments on growth hacking applied to sourcing.


Balazs Paroczay – Mad Sourcer & happy to be!

Check by yourself on his blog Balazs & The Magic Sourcing World


Shane McKusker – The Great Surprise

Tips, hacks & a great tool on his blog 1ntelligence
Shane was kind enough to share his new tool for Facebook X-ray search!




Sourcing hacks often come from another field : IT, marketing, journalism, « regular » hacking…and we had some great surprises on stage too! See by yourself :


Dave Hazlehurst  – UX/CX has its One-Man Show!

Google, Marketing, Recruitment : it’s all on PH Creative’s blog
An insightful and fun talk on how candidates determine your marketing strategy applied to recruitment.


Josef Kadlec – Technological breach

Follow is English posts on LinkedIn Pulse
Josef can basically hack anything – beware!


Henk Van Hess – Sourcing made confidential

The Master of Data journalism can be followed here!
How investigation can help you dive into your talent pool data – no presentation shared 😉

Well I hope you found here some news sources of inspiration!
Remember : sourcing is all about curiosity, sharing, keeping an open mind…and keeping it human 😉

I wish you all a great and long Halloween weekend!


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