Is it easy to cross our borders when it comes to recruitment? It’s easier than it seems, if you know how to proceed.

Candidates from European countries don’t need any visa to work in another area of the European Union, which simplify the process of hiring a foreign candidate. As long as he can come, wether you decide to help him relocate or not,  it’s all down to one thing: you must first find the candidate.

Recruiting remotely might be tough if you don’t understand the culture there.

When you set up your business in a new country, working with an agency can be of a great use to you. When you get to know a bit your market, you can also use Linkedin. But you need to really understand how the candidates think in a specific country: what are their reflexes? On which jobboards, social networks can I find them? How should I talk to them? What do I need to know before I approach people I want to recruit?

Of course, you might be afraid of recruiting remotely. But the distance is not an issue if you do it the smart way. You don’t need to do face to face interviews if you manage do ask the right questions through a competency-based interview. You can also prepare a situational test, or some verbal simulation. Most companies don’t meet the candidates until the final stage of the recruitment process, which usually has a high rate of closure!

You must not be afraid of sourcing candidates across your borders. Lots of companies can provide a relocation package, which increase the employee’s reliability.

Also, when a candidate does a video interview, he is usually at home, so if the company culture allows him, he might have more freedom to show his motivation. For example, if you are interviewing for a position in a company working in the music industry, you can still pick your guitar and play to show your passion!

Thanks to all the participants which all had a brilliant and different take on this question. If you weren’t there or if you want to share your experience of recruiting abroad, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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